Loss of power? new issue

Machine is an Orion 60W (???).
5 months old, medium to light usage.
I have been cutting at 50% power, 20 mm/ and the cutting was great. laser at 14 milliamps.
Not any more.
This week I am cutting at 80% power, 15 mm/ and the cuts are erratic. laser at 19 milliamps.
Thoughts, please.

Check your lens and make sure it isn’t dirty or ruined. Check your mirrors and make sure they’re not dirty or ruined. Check your alignment. These are the first things to always maintain and check on (before you see any performance degradation).

Mirrors are clean and aligned.
Z axis is spot on.
I have been cutting 3mm lauan and acrylic, not polycarb.
Appreciate your input.
Happy new year.

I returned to a previous file that I knew had cut well; it cut like butter with the original settings.
So it must be something I did in creating a new file that caused the issue I described above.
I wonder what I did?

Returned to my problem file and may have solved it.
I work in Corel Draw 19 and work in WIREFRAME mode; forgot to change my pen to HAIRLINE and as a result had a double line in the background.
Re-drew the file and it worked fine.
Not sure why this caused an issue but apparently it did.
I have other issues with Corel but I will repost with that topic.
Thanks y’all.