Loss of power x axis left to right

Hi , have a problem i dont understand,I am cutting a square at 400 sp and 80 power. It starts on y back right and travels forward then right to left on x and front to back on y before finishing left to right on x. It maintains 80 pwr until the final cut when it drops to 59 pwr so three sides cut through and the last cut does not. Would anyone have any idea why this is happening? The square is 30mm using an A40640 Neje
Thanks for reading

It’s cutting through three of the four sides?

How do you know the power is dropping?

Could you post the failing .lbrn2 file for us to examine?


Thanks for the quick response. I have the digital pulse wave generator attached this were i am getting the figures. Not sure how to retrieve the file you require

Simply save the LightBurn file as .lbrn or .lbrn2 ('File > Save As") then drag and drop the file onto your reply here.

Hi Colin

Hi Colin
Hope this file is ok. Tried to send a video but would not accept the file extension


Something didn’t work correctly as it appears as a failed uploaded. Need to be patient and let each one completely load separately…

There are only certain file types allowed and there is a 4mB limit I believe. If it’s a unacceptable file type, such as a pdf, you can change it name from something like “x.pdf” to “x.pdf.txt” and upload it that way. It preserves the original type, for a human at least…

For .lbrn2 files, they can be dropped on the reply window or use the icondownload-icon-background in the tool bar.

If you wish to provide video, store it somewhere, such as a Google drive and provide the link here for us to view it…

Good luck


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