Lost Connection every since recent update

Ever since newest update laser always loses connection. I have a high quality usb cable, I uninstalled light burn deleted programs folder (didnt have to do as it was gone after uninstall). Still same issue.
Ortur 15 Master 2. Things worked perfect for weeks before this.
Nothing has change except software update.

When you say “loses connection”, when is this happening? During a job, or when trying to jog?

The bug when trying to jog is known, and an Ortur firmware issue that you can largely get around by enabling $J jogging in Edit > Device Settings and then turning on Continuous Jogging in the Move window (after reloading).

I will try that. this happens in the middle of a burn. With that said I saved the gcode(from lightburn) and then ran through lasergbrl and it didnt have a issue. but when I try any burn from Lightburn it just stops…says it finished but didnt even complete 10% of the burn.

Updated and enable jog and seem to be rocking thanks!

Spoke to soon. Now it says it finished the burn…but only burned half of the image…

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