Lost digital files HELP

I have a file I have been running off my laser from LB for the last few days. Yesterday LB constantly wanting me to add my liscense key. When I finally got in after being kicked out 3 times I went to cut my file and 3 new designs I added(days prior and saved) were gone. I have no clue what to do and hoping there’s a way to recall them or find them. I am working from a Mackbook and need some help please.
Things I have already tried:
-Looking in recent project(project was there but added new designs from couple days ago were not)
-Searched to see if they were saved as a .lbrn2 file and weren’t
-Restarted computer and tried file again-still missing 3 designs

Hi Kelly - I’m interested in why LightBurn is prompting you for your key repeatedly, presuming you have a key already entered. Can you email a link to this thread, and your license key, to support@lightburnsoftware.com so we can take a closer look? Do not post your key here in the public forum.

I have been wondering the same thing! I will send that info now

Are you gonna be able to help
Me get the files back

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