Lost import file on Lightburn

Hi Lightburn Team, hope you can help, I’m using a Mac & while opening the import page on the Lightburn I had a nuisance twitch in my hand on the mouse click the right side of the mouse !!! Somehow it deleted my file/folder page to the trash bin and replaced it with another page that I’m unfamiliar with including all my files that will only open using photo that been nominated as the default,
I’m baffle !!! I can’t retreive the normal import page back, it’s totally stopped me using lightburn,
I’ve uninstalled the software and installed to no avail, spoke to Apple and they say it’s a software issue !!! Didnt want to know basically.
Could you advise anything please, I’m desperate to resolve. I’ve took some pictures but not sure how to post them at the moment.

Regards Ray.

Are you sure you didn’t just change the folder you were looking at to another? What have you done to know your folder and files went to the trash? On the Mac, you can open your trash can and drag out the folder you say was deleted if you haven’t emptied it.

I might suggest you have a look around using Spotlight Search as your first step. If this is something you are not familiar or comfortable with, you might consider asking/hiring a neighbor to come take a look, or go to the apple store physically to see if they can help you.

Hi Rick, thanks for your reply, it looks like a visit to the Apple Store, I’ve wasted enough time on resolving this, I’m not really keyed up to the Mac, I could do with going to some classes. I’ll get is resolved soon, cheers guys :+1:t2::blush:

You should have a ‘recents’ link on the side of your finder window which shows the most recent files.

Thanks Bo, I’ll check that out, hopefully it will revert to the original settings,
Regards Ray

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