Lost origin of laser head - hitting up against the X axis bar

hi Folks,

I’ve hit a problem with my laser. I have a 900x600 bed, and when i went to use it again on the weekend, the laser head is slamming up against the left side bar. It seems that the X axis is out of whack and the bed? or laser head has lost its 0,0 origin. When the laser head is moving i can hear the belt skipping as it tries to push hard on the X plane.

In Pic1 - the image is set so its at is scaled into LB, but you can see its offset to where the laser is actually cutting. What happens is that the laser head hits the switch, but tries to keep going left.

Pic 2 - shows that when i hit the right arrow on the keypad to the 900m, its actually about 75mm short of where the laser head thinks it is.

The last thing i used my laser for was rotary work, but i’ve checked to make sure that its switched off. This is something new that has occurred and i’m not sure how to troubleshoot it.



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