Lots of Cut Settings PopUps

Still getting LOTS of Cut Settings dialog boxes on RDP connection.

Not a fix but have you considered using VNC or an alternative remote solution to see if you get different behavior?

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no RDP is native to Windows.
This has worked fine for years prior to this bug in version 1.1.01

Not sure if it would be managed as a bug since it’s not a supported environment. Depending on how critical this is for you, you may want to consider other solutions.

has something to do with resizing the screen.
all other Windows apps work fine in an RDP, so isn’t Windows supported?

As I said before, I am not putting a $2k laptop in a hot garage.


It’s not about it being Windows. It’s about working through RDP. I’ve seen other apps misbehave in RDP environments.

Perhaps try a different RDP client to see if that makes a difference.

VNC may be a bit slower but likely to work.

Is there a reason why you can’t initiate the job directly from the current client machine?

I frequently work on Lightburn remotely over chrome remote desktop, Parsec and RealVNC, Parsec being my favorite as it’s meant for graphically intense programs like games. I have never seen good results trying to use RDP with a program that needs frequent screen re-draws like Lightburn.

agree, but this is not a graphics issue with vector lines.
These are application bugs generating a lot of popups windows all over the place.

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