Low laser power on another computer

Hello everyone.
I am new here as well as in the subject of laser engraving. I assembled a CNC based on Arduino and CNC V3 myself and bought a laser “Laser Tree 20W” for this
I have a problem that I can’t deal with. On my thinkcentre everything works fine and the machine works perfectly, however when I connect it to my laptop (HP8440P) the laser power is much lower with the same LB settings and files. The same file burned on thincentre comes out perfectly and on Hp there is not even a trace of the engraving. LB settings are identical. A clean licensed version is installed on both computers.
Someone might have had a similar problem?

This usually comes down to configuration of the two machine being different…

If you check out the Lightburn Documentation for grbl machines… it states…

You might need to adjust your spindle max RPM value ($30) to match the LightBurn default (1000) or vice versa. The value in LightBurn is called “S-Value Max”, in the Device Settings.

$30 and S-Value Max values need to be equal… I’d just change the broken one… :wink:

Probably the issue…

If not, sing out…

Good luck


Have you copied the LightBurn config file from the “strong” PC to the “weak” PC?

This discussion may be relevant:

My Smax value=1000 and is the same for both computers
I didn’t copy any files. I installed the default “clean” version 1.4.00 and only changed the parameters of the machine. Which file is it?

Is $30 also 1000?

Sounds odd…

When you upgrade, it shouldn’t effect your already created devices

I’ll have to think on this… it’'s bedtime for me…


$30 must be the same because it’s the GRBL setting stored in the machine (arduino Uno)

When you Export the LightBurn preferences, you pick the file’s name and destination: save it on a USB stick and carry it to the other machine!

Buddy ednisley Your advice turned out to be “bull’s eye”
I copied the preferences from “strong” to “weak” and it worked right away. I do not know what was the cause because I compared the parameters “manually” and they were all compatible. But something had to be different. Thank you very much for your help.

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