Low Power problem - how setup it

I have this laser , 20W model
and I can’t cut a 3mm plywood sheet . I run it at 100% and 300 mm/min for 6 times and It can’t cut completely.
I have the lastest version of Lightburn.
Is It normal? I’m newbie,but I think the Power is low. I need some setup?
I didn’t change anything by standard.
Thank you for help!

You can start by slowing down to a third and using several laps. But, you will probably not be happy with it because the edges become useless in my experience. You have the best chances with poplar wood but it is so soft that you can not use it for anything other than decorative items.
If you try in birch plywood it should be with indoor, white! glue. With standard plywood, even smaller CO2 laser machines can have problems once in a while.

I have a 100 watt laser and cut 5 mm Birch plywood all the time. But even with that, I use 20 mm/s @ 35% power. Sometimes it cuts with one pass, but usually with 2 passes. It’s not a LightBurn issue, try to slow down to a reasonable value. And you should not run 100% unless you are absolutely sure that you aren’t exceeding ratings of your laser.

He has a diode laser here, other rules of the game apply which determine the life of the laser. As long as it does not get too hot, it will probably survive.

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