Low power since I moved to C3D

Hi all, I own a 50W machine since almost three months.
Machine had a M2 Nano board and a digital power meter.
Recently I got a Cohesion3D Mini, so I upgraded the controller and started using lightburn.
But since then I can see a lack of power.
Even using 100% power from lightburn I cannot cut simple wood I was cutting with the old m2nano and k40 shisperer.
I even tried with some other plastics, like “gravoply” that doesn’t requiere much power, and I am not able to cut it.

I feel like I was needing less power with the old board and I need to use all power with the new board/software to get the same results.

Is it a hardware problem? is it a software problem?
Can you help me?

Check the config file on the SD card - there is a setting in Smoothieware for the maximum PWM output, and older C3D’s set it to 0.8 (80%), but 1.0 is 100% power.

Open the config.txt file and look for laser_module_maximum_power.

Thank you, Oz
I’ve already changed it to 0.9 and see almost no difference.
Is there any test or measure I can do? (not afraid of electronics)

The C3D board adjusts the power from whatever you set on the amperage control on the machine (the knob on the analog one, or the digital power value). If it’s not outputting properly, you may need to adjust the PWM period on the board, as some power supplies are sensitive to it. For that, I’d post on the Cohesion3D forum - I can’t recall where that setting is.

Thank you, I’m also looking for help at C3D forum.
I wanted to make sure if there was something I could do from the lightburn side.
Thanks again for your time.

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