Low power since update

Since updating to .19 my 5.5w sainsmart laser is lacking power. Before updating it was working well.
It usually runs on a hp laptop running vista, however today I hooked it up to my pc running Windows 10 and all the power is back. Has anyone else had this and know of a fix. Thanks

Nothing in the software changed that would affect this. LightBurn doesn’t support Windows Vista - which version of the software were you running?

Thanks for the reply Oz, it was fine in version .17, I didn’t update to. 18 then updated to .19 and the problem started.

Sorry my mistake, my laptop is running Windows 7 not vista.

The most common reason for low power output on these machines is trying to run too fast. Read the bit under the Speed / Power graph:

Before the update a speed of 800mms at 15% power would give me a very clean burn now to achieve anything near to those results I’m using 600mms and 75% power. I’m pretty sure the problem is in the operating system talking to the machine. I may try a roll back to .17 to hopefully fix the issue. Thanks for your help :+1:

I use a 3018… but 800mm per second are you sure ! That’s way beyond my dreams

800mm per min, sorry my mistake

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