LP4 slide extension not engraving at programmed speed

I am having some trouble with my LP4 when I use it with the slide extension tool. I have been engraving some tiles (NWT) and I thought the speed was slower than I set when using the slide extension. I ended up burning the same 100x100mm image using the slide extension and without the slide extension. Despite both tests being set to 2500mm/m, the slide extension took over 3 times as long. I grabbed laserpecker’s provided lightburn files from https://laserpecker.feishu.cn/wiki/X4CWwRap9iCxt7kU2v9cNs90n7f. Obviously there is an issue keeping the speeds from being the same as what I programmed, but I’m not sure what that problem is.

Any help greatly appreciated

You can find some of the threads using the sites search function…

Good luck…


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