LS 1630, camera and mounting

I have a Boss LS1630. Which camera is best for my machine and where should I mount it? Thank you

I found the following when I put “camera is best” into the search bar on the top-right.

This is from one of our members that might also be helpful.

As for mounting location, mounting above the bed, centered and in a stationary location so the camera is in the same place when used after calibration is “best”. Most users mount their camera to the inside of the access lid around the center lift handle. Some lasers have lids that are not stationary, can move side to side or do not return to the same spot, thus changing the camera distance from the bed each time the lid is opened. Given you have a Boss, this should not be an issue as those lids use gas struts that hold the lid door in the same spot each time it is opened.


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