LU2-4 SF test files for engraving/etching glass cups

I am very new to the laser engraving field and I just purchases the Aufero Laser 1 with the LU2-4 SF laser, and I have no idea how to calibrate it for glass etching. Not sure where to start and I haven’t been able to find a test file anywhere for it. I tried messing around with masking tape on the glass and giving it a go and it only burnt through the tape with the glass intact. Any recommendations on how to create a test file or if anyone owns the same laser as me to be able to share a test file? Thanks!

There is a materials test options in the ‘Laser Tools’.

Since you laser cannot directly damage glass you will have to find an indirect way to damage the glass surface.

There are lots of things people use to do this, but most don’t work out too well for a rotary.

Place a sheet of paper (preferably not white) then the glass on top. The laser fires through the glass and heats up the paper, causing the glass to heat and shatter…

You can hunt on this board for glass engraving and elsewhere…

Make sense?

Good luck


Thanks for the help! I’ll try it out