M106/M107 settings not showing up

I have Lightburn 1.4.0 installed. I’m using an Ender 3 Pro with the Sovol 500mW laser. The software detects my device as it should. I can send send files and the laser moves correctly. however the laser does not turn on. I have seen in examples that there is a setting to change the on off command under device settings. When I open device settings, I don’t see that option, I only see options for air assist. How do I turn on the option to allow me to change to M106/M107? Thanks Nick

It sounds like your Ender’s device profile is not set to Marlin. Try clicking ‘Devices’ in the ‘Laser’ window, then double clicking your Ender’s profile, then select ‘Marlin’ from the list of controllers/firmware, then click ‘Next’ and finally ‘Finish’ to complete the prompts. You should then see the M106/M107 options in the Device Settings window.

JTR, I cant thank you enough. That was the issue. I thought I was to leave the setting GRBL-M3 as that was what LightBurn detected with it found my Ender. Now everything is working great. Thank you.


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