M8/M9 output from SculpFun S9

is there any way to connect a Sculpfan S9 compressor and control it via Gcode M8 / M9? Many thanks

The limits of the air assist control will be in the controller. If the controller uses M8, M9 (or M7, M9) then I believe LightBurn will be able to command it in GRBL to turn it off and on.

Do you have a compressor selected? You may need a solenoid valve or switching electronics or electro-mechanical switches (relays/contactors) depending on your needs.

I am using a stand-alone compressor and not using Shop-air so, i start the small compressor when i feel that air assist would be helpful. It is unnecessary for me to call for air in software with small projects.

Yes, I know that again it is not a necessity that the air assist can be switched on manually, but I wanted to tune the machine. I need advice on where to find the output (signal) associated with the M8 command on the Scuplfun S9 motherboard. I’ll make some other necessary electronics somehow.

Is the Sculpfun S9 board based on an Atmega328P or otherwise arduino derived? Arduino GRBL solutions typically use pin A3 to provide cooling. If the Sculpfun board is derived from one of the common designs it may have something like this exposed.

Thanks for your feedback, I find it’s probably the only way. Unfortunately, I dare not modify and upload the firmware.

I don’t think you’d have to modify the firmware. If your board is based on an Arduino design I’d be surprised if Sculpfun removed the code to trigger pin A3 for air assist. You’d just need to identify where on the board A3 is located or the equivalent.

so that’s great news. I opened it and pin A3 is marked there. Arduiono should be, the board is marked XY DLC v1.0. So would it be enough to bring this signal through the optocoupler and bring the relay to the compressor?

Don’t know all the specifics but I believe it’s a 5V signal so as long the optocoupler works with that I think your solution should work.

I can handle this, thank you for your help.

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