Mac can not connect to XTool D1

I use MacBook Air laptop… Lightburn was working perfect for a few weeks… Then I downloaded a test card and now my Light Lightburn will not connect with my XTool D1,
it just says waiting for connection, port failed to open - already in use?
I have bought a new USB cord, checked and re-checked the com and nothing works…
please advise ??? I paid $60 for Lightburn and can not use it now??/ HELP

If the xTool has worked in the past the driver should be present so we can skip that step. :smiley:

USB devices are occasionally misplaced especially if they are powered up after starting the Airbook.

With the engraver on, launch LightBurn on the Airbook. Once it’s up and running connect the USB cable between the Airbook and the engraver.

Watch the Console window in LightBurn and see if the startup/welcome message is shared from the engraver to your Airbook.

If it’s not there, you’ll see the messages you describe above. Open the Laser window in LightBurn and select a different COM port in the middle button on the bottom row. On an Airbook you’re looking for one that says USBSerial12345 (with different numbers) If you see that one, select it, wait a few seconds and see if the console window displays the welcome message.

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