Mac os 10.13 lock up on file

Still working with trial (but did purchase, just not activated yet)

But it locks up when file dialog is open. load/save. Just sits there with the SBBoD spinning beach-ball of death (talking 10 minutes.). But I’m ok to work in other apps.

Where are you trying to read/write this file, local or remote storage? Do you have any virus protection that could be blocking LightBurn from storage access?

Thanks for the quick reply!!

Locality doesn’t matter. Have tried both local and network share. It locks up to the SBBoD before I can even click the save/open button of the dialog.

I haven’t tried rebooting. Mainly because that is not a solution, even if it works. Its just a band-aide. But might have some validity, since it was working.

Other semi-odd thing. It locked up this last time while printing. The printing finished without a problem.
(Just for fun, had a Bystronic 2800W control lock-up, but kept cutting the plan without issue up years ago; but fix wouldn’t apply here.)

Not following this thinking, but please do try a reboot. While this should not be required, this certainly will not hurt. I am not aware of any reported read/write issues running LightBurn on Mac 10.13.x so we would need a bit more information so we can reproduce on our end.

I am currently running the 0.9.16 Mac version on a macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G14019) 15" MBP and am not seeing this behavior. I can read/write to/from local, networked, and removable storage without issue.

I rebooted and seems to work.
I feel that the problem is with either Default Folder X or TotalFinder. Finder started acting up too (and file dialogs are a Finder API).

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