Mac Will not connect

Hey there my Mac all of a sudden will not connect to my OMTECH 80w via USB.
I was using the laser took a short break, came back and boom not working.
I rebooted the computer, that didn’t work. So I deleted my laser from lightburn and now it still can’t connect to it.
I’ve never had the issue before so I’m lost.

Thanks for helping.

How are you connecting to the Mac? USB or wifi? Did you remember to click on the correct connection parameter, I sometimes forget for a moment when I get the “not ready” tag. Try those things then maybe a reinstall of LightBurn. I power my MacBook, turn on laser, then connect via USB and it works each time. Hope some of this helps.

Same problem. Few days ago everything was working fine, now my Mac won’t connect.

My iMac will no longer connect to my Thunder laser.I have recently upgraded to Monterey and at the same time have replaced my Modem /router.I have noticed that now the ip was the same on my iPad as the Thunder so I changed the laser to manual input still can’t find it, tried again…no devices found…However
now when I try to add a device it finds GRBL-M3(1.1e or earlier) (10mmx10mm) at Cu.Urt1 (code) serial/usb.
I connect to the modem by WIFi and always have done
I don’t use USB and have always connected by ethernet(and have checked the cable)
so I am stumped…after trying everything I can think of

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