MacBook Air unable to find laser

I just purchased a sculpfun s10 laser cutter & I’m having a hard time getting my light burn program to find the laser. I have tried all the basics, rebooted, tried different USB ports & a different cable but the “find my laser” feature continues to come up empty. Please help!

Do you know what device the laser is using… for a com port?

I use ‘lsusb’ to examine the usb connections.

If it’s connected then I’d try to manually add the laser.

I am not a Mac person, but I use Linux, they are similar…

Somehow you got this under Ruida controllers and yours is grbl I believe.


I was finally able to get it to connect manually but now I’m getting an error about homing cycle, when I try to center or move the laser it slams up against the side & makes a bad noise which I’m hoping didn’t hurt anything in the long run. I just can’t seem to win with this thing! Lol

Does your machine have home switches?

If it doesn’t it may be an issue…

How do you have your device setting, such as ‘origin’?

I don’t know these machines, so I’m at a disadvantage…

Maybe @berainlb has a clue to help you out…

I guess you’ve figured out that most of this isn’t plug and play…


Yea it might be time to admit defeat & return the machine. I dont think I know enough about computers to be able to do everything I wanted to do, boo … I appreciate the help

Lots of people use these things and learning them is not an easy task. Many find it very rewarding…

Keep your pants on and help us help you… deal?


I’m not real familiar with that machine. I looked online and it looks like it does not come with limit switches but you can add them. I’ve got no experience with a machine without so can’t guide you on how to use what you have now. Others here may likely could, I believe a lot of laser engravers didn’t have limit switches but they are certainly desirable.

You may want to invest in a more full featured laser engraver if you want to continue on and don’t want to upgrade what you have.

Check out the guides here. They include the complete setup and everything you need to know to get started with a Sculpfun laser: Quick Start & Overview - Diode Laser Wiki

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