Machine Busy or paused

I am having problems setting up the laser and have trawled through different posts to see if I can come up with an answer andam starting to pull my hair out. I have set up the Vank Laser manually with Ruida option but when I try to send I get the same message “The machine may be busy or paused”. I have it up and running in RD works both on usb and ethernet and have closed the program and restarted the computer and reset the laser to no avail. The controller is a Ruida RD6442-pt-B (EC) with RDLC-V8-64.63. I have also tried the USB/packet again the same message. I am sure that I am just overlooking something but if someone could shed light on where I am going wrong I would appreciate it

Sorry, I also tried udisk and it reads it fine but when I try to add the file to the laser it comes up with “Invalid File”

I have never heard of ‘Vank Laser’ - it’s possible they use a custom scramble key. If you’re able to use it with RDWorks, can you save an RD file from RDWorks and attach it here (or email it to our support email)? I can have a look at that file to see if there’s anything special there.

Hi Oz

It was pretty easy to set up plug in USB and I was away. Ethernet was similar.

Sorry will send it to email support as won’t let me attache

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