Machine detection

I am using the Creality Falcon 2 12W laser, does Lightburn detect this machine? When I click auto detect it does not populate, only shows GRBL-M3 (1.1e or earlier)

Try manually selecting GRBL without any extensions. That should get you up and running.

@MikeyH, I set it to just GRBL without extensions. The laser does not fire when framing, I have it set to fire.

I got it to fire, it was not set in the move tab.

Sorry to bother Mike, in Laser tools under material test my preview shows it will take 34 minutes to run. Is this normal time? Speed min time is 600 min/m max is 18000. Power is 10 min 100 max grid size is 5mmx5mm

Are the boxes Line or Fill? That sounds reasonable for creating black boxes instead of black lines. I found using Lines is pretty good at letting me see what I want to know.

Yes Mike, it is fill. I will try again with lines, thank you.

Welcome! I am sure you will be impressed with the time difference.

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