Machine does not take the power in the infill

Hello guys!
I have a problem with my new machine: it does not take into account the power I indicate on lightburn on the filling mode.
The cuting mode is ok but not for the filling, it seems to take 100% whatever I indicate in lightburn.
The instruction on the panel is ok (on this example, I put 1% but it engraved a lot)
Any idea :bulb: ?

It’s showing 1% on the display, so the issue is quite likely the settings in the machine itself (vendor settings, minimum power %), or your laser power supply is failing.

Yes that is what I think but I don’t understand why it works for the cutting and not for the filling…

If you run large circle cut at 1% power, 50mm/sec, does it very lightly mark the surface, or does it appear to fire at full power?

It fires at full power :frowning:

Check that you have Min / Max power on the controller itself set properly:

Laser 1 minimum power (%) sets the floor (the lowest power level the laser will output) regardless of the layer setting in a project file.

I will test that tomorrow and come back to you with the result. Thanks a lot lot !!!

Hello !
Problem is that I don’t have anything in the machine settings :frowning:

Are you connected to the laser when going to that page? You need to be connected to ‘Read’ the ‘Machine Setting’ from the laser. :slight_smile:

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In the photo it seems to be connected to the machine

!t says “failure to communicate with the controller”, so it doesn’t appear to be connected.
Machine probably isn’t on.

Yes ! I got it and opened a new topic with all the photos

Please look at the picture the connection is ready, that’s why I said


"failure to communicate with the controller”

Yes ! I got it and opened a new topic with all the photos

“Échec de la communication avec le contrôleur” = “Communication failure with the controller”

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Sorry, I do not speak French. Thanks for the translation

I don’t either but my uncle Google does and I was curious enough what it said that I asked him. :slight_smile:

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Hello all
I open this post with new elements regarding my power problem:
I made some tests and it seems the power information goes well from the computer to the ruida but not from the ruida to the laser.
It is the same for the cutting mode and the filling mode in fact and the power taken by the machine seems to be 100% even if I put 10%.
The spead variation is ok : test first line I changed the speed and it is ok
Test second line, i changed the power but it stays the same.
I wonder if there is something that is not correctly connected in the machine.
Light I 4 is flashing
I show you some pictures.
Any help would be nice !
Thanks a lot

No need to make a new topic on the same issue. Please just continue the discussion here.

Please see post above. (Check the controller settings and report what you find.) This is where the troubleshooting needs to start: