Machine doesn't stop marking until manually stopped

Dear All,

Just got my first laser and started out with EZCad2 to see whether it works and then downloaded the trial of Lightburn. Awesome software, but I’m having issue that I don’t know how to fix it. So basically when I start marking, it will never stop that until I press stop. I haven’t selected continuous, just one loop or two in my tests. I know I must have something stupid selected, but can’t figure it out what. On EZcad2 software it stopped automatically. Any thoughts what might be the issue?

Thank you in advance.

Try this,
use select tool & highlight your job.
Use Alt + D or go to main menu> edit> Delete Duplicates.
if you have duplicates delete them and it should fix your problem.

You can also upload your file so we can look at it if above suggestion doesn’t work.

It was weird, there was update to Lightburn. I updated the software and that problem haven’t happened after that. Most likely nothing to do with the update anyways…

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