Machine freezes during svg line cut

Hello! I’ve an issue with a LINE cut of an SVG with my Snapmaker 2.0: everything seems ok but in a while after the start of the cut the machine stops with the laser ON. With the native software no problems at all.

I already disabled the USB standby option.
In any case with other shapes made directly inside the software workspace everything is OK without problems.
I was also successful with the same image FILL engraving made by Lightburn.

I tried to analyze the GCODE but I’m no skilled enough to understand if there’re errors that could block the machine.
Maybe someone could give me an advice.

Thanks in advance!

harmony_sign_kanji_line.txt (109.2 KB)

@LightBurn I performed few more tests: the issue could be related to the M7/M8 air assist enabling. From the original code generated by Snapmaker native software it seems the code correctly recognized by the machine is M106 P0 S255 / M107.

I manually edited the GCODE generated by LightBurn and everything is OK!

Is there an option somewhere to set this piece of code like default?

Man I hate Marlin. :slight_smile: M106 was previously used for the laser power, because it’s “the fan output”. I can make the SnapMaker profile use those commands instead of M7 / M8.

It sounds good!
All this is making me crazy :slight_smile: by I really like LightBurn! So I’m struggling to make it works with my machine!

@LightBurn additional information for a better understanding and integration of the machine.
I confirm the air assist enabling is M106 P0 S255 . Anyway it’s interesting the command cause the freezing of the machine only in LINE mode and not FILL.
This means that in LINE+FILL the machine stops with laser at full power after the engraving.

For now I save the GCODE in a file and I modify it in a text editor. When done I run it in LightBurn and it works.

I hope this helps.

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