Machine keeps reaching hard limit when engraving

hello i have an atomstack p7 m40 40w portable laser engraver. my question is every time i engrave on wood it stops in the middle of the process and i get. Hard limit reached due to immediate halt and i should rehome. i have tried adjusting the speed…sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, i tried at 1500 speed 80%power max 10% min and it still stops in the middle of the burn, do i need to lower my speed more? any feedback will help thank you

Please clarify if you are using mm/sec or mm/min.

Please post the Lightburn file and photos of the project.

What it sounds like to me is that you are basically out of bounds. I am not sure about that unit, but many of their units do not have limit switches. So if the laser head tries to go outside bounds it hits a hard limit. If it has the ability to rehome, that’s new for me as again, older units didn’t have that feature.

Another thing it can be is that when it’s traveling fast and you have a limited area, the laser head goes across the burn area at desired speed but it has to go past to slow to stop to reverse and go the other way. It might be going out of bounds to do so thus a hard limit.

So you might need slower speeds, more room for travel or you set the bedsize incorrectly.

this is what i have my settings at to engrave a small 2x2 piece of wood i do honestly think my settings are way to high in the speed.its not a big machine so i believe i need to slow it down

im sorry wrong setting please ignore

This is the correct setting

I was hoping for these settings.

It appears you are trying to cut it out, you need a much slower speed.

These are my settings it appears to be in diode, should i change this to co2

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No, you can choose whatever setting you want, I am just verifying. Are you trying to cut it out or engrave?

Next please post the file. It should be saved somewhere with the file extension being *.lbrn2

Please post that. I am just taking a wild guess here that the machine doesn’t have properly set limit switches as this appears to be a new model.

Make sure you have the console up.

Connect to lightburn → in console type $# press enter.

Please post the output here.

I won’t be able to help you after this point.

If you try to use it with the included software does it work “normally?”

here are the readings from the console. im just simply trying to engrave i dont want to use this machine to cut at all.

no software was included i had to download Lightburn

Atomstack usually includes LaserGRBL.

Install it and search for tutorials on it before you use LightBurn.

thank you for everyone for all of your help. i have lasergrbl i will try it now and see if that works