Machine lost zero

a few days ago my machine started moving past its bounds, or trying to. it had the zero at 21’ all crazy i just down loaded the new update for light burn and the the moves were backwards up was down and left was right i’m at a loss and don’t know what to try next

Hi James - since you have an X-Carve, there’s a good chance that it’s set up for CNC work, with the origin at the rear-right, instead of front-left where LightBurn wants it. Read here:

Well it didn’t start this until I downloaded the update for lightburn. I will try that link when I get back home. I even deleted the laser and reinstalled it. It won’t find so I had to manually install it.

i did this and it fixed the movement issues but the laser is still off 4’ from zero it thinks the zero is well off my bed and of course it tries to go there and i have to shut it down to keep from damaging my stepper motors and belts this just started because i have had no issues with my machine i don’t understand how to tell it (this is the new zero)

it shows it at this place but my laser is setting at zero

well i fixed it don’t really know just what i did but the best i can figure is when i got done with the x carve last time i had moved the gantry to the back far corner something i never do and i guess when i turned on the light burn it remember it was back there anyway thanks for listing and trying to help

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