Machine not cutting to correct dimensions

My laser cutter is not cutting my files to the correct scale. Today, I tried cutting a 100mm by 100mm square, to which my laser cutter cut a 113.37mm by 76.56mm rectangle. This is not the first time this has happened. Normally a quick reset of the machine fixes the issue, but today it did not.
The motherboard in the cutter was recently replaced under warranty and the machine has been reset to factory and default parameters. I then updated the parameters in Lightburn and RDWorksV8 with the files OMTech sent and instructed me to use. The machine is regularly cleaned and is well maintained.
Any ideas on what would fix this and what caused it?

Is the Enable Rotary switch in the Laser window turned on?

It’s remarkably easy to hit, because it sits directly under the Home button.

If you never do any rotary work, you can make it Go Away: