Machine seems lost when trying to cut

K40 with cohesion3d controller.

I recently took my k40 apart to try and square the gantry. I accidentally put the ribbon cable in backwards and obviously my x axis wouldn’t respond. So I took it apart again, put the ribbon in correctly and put it back together. Ran a few jobs to ensure everything was moving. Homed the machine and everything worked well. However when I went to cut the machine seemed lost on where the laser head was. Rather than coming 6" forward to cut and then work back. It came out about 2-3" and then worked back. Causing it to try to force its way past the back of the machine.

I can move the laser through the software to where it should go. I only have the problem when I’m trying to cut. I’m sure it’s not a software issue, as everything was fine (minus the gantry/axis issue). Before I took the machine apart. I’d assume that the ribbon cable isn’t directional, and it has to be side a to board side b to motor. Is it possible that I damaged the board putting it in the wrong way? I didn’t power down the board when I took it apart. Could I have shorted the board?

What could be causing this?

Most likely the acceleration or speed is too high, or the motor current setting is too low. The C3D is shipped with relatively conservative settings in the config file on the SD card. There is guidance on the C3D knowledge base for tuning these settings.

Thanks for the reply. I figured out the problem a hour or so ago. Turned out to be too much tension on the y axis. I assume it was caused from having the move a gantry frame section a 1/8th it square it. Must have added enough tension to the belt, to cause it to skip teeth on the gears when making fast moves.

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