Machine settings - any changes from 0.9.07 - 0.9.09 -

Cannot find these settings in 0.9.09

LightBurn introduced ‘Machine Settings’ (‘Edit’→’Machine Settings’) way back with the 0.08.00 release(Ruida only at that time) and have continued to fill out the support for this on the other systems we support.

Is this not working for you?

Most likely can’t find the highlighted settings because your machine doesn’t have them. “Machine Settings”, as implied by the name, are the settings in the controller itself, and each controller supported by LightBurn presents a different set of them. The top image you posted contains settings for a Ruida DSP controller, which is completely different than those exposed by GRBL.

Thank you for the response. Just experimenting and found this. Didn’t remember reading anything about different controllers having some different settings. So my k40 machine with a grbl controller does not have the same setting options as the k40 machine with the ruida controller. No problem.

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