Machine settings - cant connect

I can’t open Machine settings, it never reads the machine, i have to keep trying the read button like 20 times until it reads. I keep getting the message:
Communication with the controller failed.

5 minutes ago i could read and calibrate my machine, now i keep trying to read but nothing appears.

How do you connect from the computer to this Ruida? What OS are you running? Which version of LightBurn?

via usb, MacOs

Does your Mac have the very small USB-C connectors or the older, larger connectors? Have you tried a different USB Cable? Do you have a way to use ethernet instead of USB?

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Is an older Imac, 2015. I cant connect it with ethernet because i use 2 laser cutters, and the mac only has 1 ethernet port. I dont think is the usb, because i work normally with both of them, the only problem i have is when i try to edit the machine settings or calibrate.

If you are using ethernet wired, you could buy a very cheap ethernet hub and connect to either laser as needed.

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