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Maybe in the next release or so, could you change the edit > machine settings return to the last used directory or set a directory to store those settings?


Done. It currently uses the last export path, but it doesn’t update it. I’ve given it a path entry of its own, and set it to update when you save or load machine settings.

So, I guess this setting is not sticking. Sometimes it reverts back to C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\LightBurn\backup instead of the directory I have last saved to.

I store my machine settings on a google drive. Sometimes when I go to load it goes to the correct location, other times it goes to the above mentioned location. If I save a test file, it will work for a while in the correct (Google) location but then it reverts back to the appdata. I do not have a good idea when it reverts.


I’ve checked, and know why this is happening, and it’s fixed for the next release already.

Adam added automatic backups for the machine settings, so if you make a change, you will have an automatically saved copy of your previous settings in case you broke something.

The code that stores the backup was also updating the “last saved” location. I’ve added a flag to tell it not to do that when doing the automatic backups.

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