Machine stopped - OLM 3

I have an ortur laser master 3 and while engraving a large piece it stops half way through, I read the messages and typed reset and the next message popped up and I have no idea what to do.
: IMG_0810.jpeg…

scroll up in the console the error that originally caused the error is above

Also is machine homing correctly?
can you show a bigger windows

laughs at your machine profile name! :smiley:
lets see if we can help to change that

Machine is homing perfectly fine. I’ll show you what I’m working on to hopefully make finding

a solution easier. It will frame the project perfectly fine, but when it gets to the farthest point it stops.

I believe your problem might be Over-Scan
You are getting a tad close to the edge and your Over-Scan might be hitting the soft limit

2 options
a) disable soft limit temporarily
b) lower the % of overscan or completely disable it

I would reduce power to 1% and try either
1% won’t engrave anything but will test all motions

How would I do that?

Regarding Overscan

As per machine settings

Edit → machine settings
Click the “Soft limits” toggle so it goes red

then write

Test either option with 1% power dry run though to be sure it works not to waste any material

is a mechanical - path issue so laser dont need to engrave to test

Changing the soft limits fixed the problem, thank you so much

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put them back after, they are a nice safety net 90% of the times

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