Machine travel problems

My machine homes to the rear left (Y+/X-) corner. After homing, I can jog along the X but not along the Y. If I attempt to jog Y- (plenty of open space), it does not move or give any warnings. If I attempt to job Y+ (out of range), I get the following feedback: “error:15 Jog target exceeds machine travel. Command ignored.”

The machine is basically useless with this software but works fine with Vectric software for milling programs.

This has been very frustrating as I’ve spent months trying to fix this on my own without success. Any help someone can give is much appreciated!

Machine: MillRight MegaV XL
Controller: GRBL
LightBurn version: 9.24 (the problem began several versions back, probably around 9.18-9.20

Some settings that may be useful in troubleshooting:
LightBurn settings:
-“Enable ‘Out of Bounds’ Warning” is disabled
-Machine origin is bottom left radio button
-Job origin is center
GRBL settings:
-$10=0 (I’ve also tried $10=1 with no change)

$10 is status reporting, so not sure that would affect your problem.

How about you check $26 (Homing Debounce time) and $27 (Homing pull-off). Maybe especially the later, make sure it is moving far enough off the switch so it is no longer engaged.

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