Machine won’t home and z axis raises on its own

Hello, I’m new to all this so I apologize in advance if I don’t supply enough information to help solve my issue. Or if I’m a little long winded.

I have a FoxAlien 3018 CNC/Laser. I’ve been using Lightburn for about 6 weeks and up until now I’ve been able to solve any issue by trial and error or reading your posts.

The problem is my machine won’t home. I go to Windows, choose Move and hit home upon opening the software The Z axis raises all the way up and I have push the emergency stop or it keeps trying to go further and it can’t. ( I do have limit switches top and bottom ) I The only Z axis toggle I have on is Optimize Z moves.

My laser currently positioned just to the left of the middle of the X axis and Y axis on my bed (278 x 157 )And shows that as the zero point. I cannot jog Y to the left or towards the front of the work area.

I’ve reloaded the software a few times. I’ve deleted the prefs folders a few times , I’ve removed my laser and used find my laser several times nothing seems to work. I’ve purchased a new USB cable.

My goal is to get the unit to home to Zero which is the left front corner and for the Z axis not to move unless I jog it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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