MacOS "press and hold" not working as it should when typing text

There is a very useful function in MacOS (called press and hold) to obtain optional glyphs for a character when typing text. It is obtained by making a long press on the key.
For example to obtain a C cap cedilla I would press Shift-c, and hold for half a second. This would pop-up a menu with the different glyphs available.
Like this :
Capture d’écran 2023-08-03 à 13.03.50

In Lightburn, unfortunately, character repetition starts too soon, and the pop-up menu is displayed at the wrong place and only after a lot of characters have been automatically typed…

It would really be great if you could fix this. Thanks a lot !

Thank you for reporting this and for the concise explanation.
I have brought this to the developers. I look forward to hearing back from them.

In your experience and opinion what delay would be typical or Ideal?

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