Made with a mad burn

I did this after getting mad. Nothing went right that day,(about a year ago). This was a green dragon on black.
It came out really bad. So I cranked the power up to full and the speed to full, hit the start button and walked away. This is what I came back to. And got lucky.
Ortur pro 15 w


Maybe get mad more often :grin: :+1:

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…not the best idea, although the result is fine.

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Is that a Henry Justice Ford illustration? It’s lovely!

What material did you etch it on and size details etc would be appreciated.

I have no idea what it is ! I was looking for dragons in google one day, found this one, did a copy and paste. That is all I know.

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Hello Ron: the material is just a sheet of canvas glued to cardboard bought from wally world.
painted green base then black top coat. Ortur 4.5W. opt output, (ortur 15W.) at
full power and I set the speed at max for this little machine, (3000 mm/m).
Remember, I had a bad day that day and when I looked at the start button in L.B.
it did not say start, instead it said “kill, destroy, death”. So I hit the KDD button
and walked away. I got lucky! I did one other dragon the same way and it turned
really cool also. never have tried it again !!

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