Major lightburn software issue! - software reset back to default & lightburn files have all corrupted

Hi Team
I’ve just come across a major issue!
Lightburn all of a sudden restarted on me while using.
Once re-opened, the software reset everything back to default including all machine and device settings??
I had to manually input all ruida setting to start using again.
Now for some unknown reason all my lightburn files have completed corrupted?
Lines have shifted, reversed or mirror flipped.
All my templates and lightburn files are now all out of alignment.
Has everyone ever experienced this?

windows 10 lightburn 9.24

Hi James, I hope you didn’t lose anything and that what you have is recoverable.

Sorry I can’t help but for the sake of the team, I have had an increasing number of unwanted restarts, mostly when I’m distracted and go back to drawing after 5 or ten minutes.

Never lost or corrupted anything though, just hadn’t saved so lost what I’d done, my fault, always save, always I’m on same version and windows 10

If things have shifted, most likely what’s happened is your Origin setting for the machine isn’t in the same place it was before - that will flip shapes. Go to Edit > Device Settings and move the Origin corner to the same corner the machine homes to when you power it up, then try reloading some of your files.

If that doesn’t help, let me know.

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Thanks for your response Oz.
Unfortunately this has not fixed the issue. The shapes mirrored vertically, horizontally and also rotated?
I corrected the origin when lightburn reset back to default.
Why would the software reset back to default? No LB updates or win10 updates were completed?
Anything else you could suggest we try?


Its extremely strange. Yes definitely an increasing number of unwanted restarts with the latest upset to the point that i’ll been saving the files periodically.
Unfortunately ive lost 12hrs+ of work and destroyed my templates :frowning:

Can you email a couple of the files that are not working correctly for you? Even if you wiped all of your settings, none of your saved files should be affected. They might load incorrectly if you have a different device origin set from when they were saved, but setting the origin to match should fix that - you’d just re-load the file with the correct origin and I’d expect that to work.