Make a delay before laser starts?

Put in valve to control air assist on/off and it controls by the ruida 6445 status output.
Is it possible to make a 500ms delay from you press start to it actually starts the laser so the air assist have time to actually push air to the nozzle?

You can set a ‘dummy layer’ as your first layer to run at, say 1mm sec at 0.1% power.

Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 9.59.31 PM

Draw a line of however many mm you want to delay - so a 3mm line will delay the rest of the job by 3 seconds. (3mm @ 1mm/sec.

Set cut-through on that dummy layer - that will trigger the Ruida to set WIND on.

It will then carry on the job normally.

(it’s not really a dummy layer - it needs to output, but it’s at such a low power that the laser never fires, but the controller acts as if it did).

Tanks for the reply!

A dummy line is a way to do it yes, but u know how it is, time is money :grimacing:

That cut delays works only for line not fill. :thinking:

A “start work delay” had been nice for this.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thinking about using the old button for the air pump, connecting it through the ground pin to the status pin. In that way I could start it manually to (when I remember it :sweat_smile:)

In that case, change to using an air compressor with some storage and upgrade from using an “aquarium pump” style air supply. You will have instant delivery upon the opening of the solenoid.

This is not an ideal configuration. Using the wind output will give discrete control on a layer level.

Edit: I have a small air compressor with a tank already…

Yes thats true but would like to have it on the safe side, but if there is no way for a delay then I have to live it :crazy_face:

Still waiting for my “ultimate air assist” when i have it I’m going to use the “wind” for the controlling air assist low or high flow.

Som my goal is to control: on/off, high/low

so three seconds is too much time? I thought that’s what you wanted? Maybe cut it to 1 second by changing the speed or making the box slower?

And the delay is the delay - line or fill. It doesn’t matter which it is, as the object isn’t going to burn

Maybe you didn’t understand the process?

This file has a 1mm/sec box at 0.01% power surrounded by a red non-cutting box to highlight it. It takes 3 seconds to complete and is the first layer to run.

uneven counter box.lbrn2 (116.0 KB)

I meant that drawing a extra line every time is not “that simple solution“ I’m looking for.

I meant when u use only the cut trough option as a delay it only works on “line”.

Will check that file when I am at the pc later, it could be that I didn’t fully understand you :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah. Make a delay before laser starts? - #2 by Bonjour

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