Make Lightburn write G01 instead of G00

Is there any way I can slow the rate of travel to and from the burn. It would be nice if it didn’t fly around so fast. I guess I’m just used to machines moving slower. I love Lightburn. It is very well thought out and intuitive. Thank you, Bill Hunter Atezr V35

There’s no current method for excluding G0 moves for rapid movements in LightBurn. However, rapids in GRBL use the maximum speed defined in the GRBL settings. You can reduce those to reduce rapid speeds. $110-112 for X,Y,Z speed and $120-122 for X,Y,Z acceleration.

Alternatively, if it’s only travel between scanning areas that you want to change you could enable “Fast whitespace scan” in Edit->Device Settings and change the speed there.

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Thank you for responding so quickly. I thought that was the probably the case but I can live with it. I would like to repeat how well Lightburn is put together. Great program. Thanks, Bill

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