Makeblock Laser Pro

So I am very new to lasers & laser cutting. I was using an Emblaser original but recently decided to get a MakeBlock Laser Pro… their program, I just can’t.
Is there a way I can get Lightburn to work with my new laser cutter?

If I recall correctly, their controller runs their own proprietary firmware, so you’d need to figure out how to flash it with GRBL to make it work with LightBurn. I believe they are Arduino compatible, so that shouldn’t be too difficult, depending on your comfort level with that kind of thing.

Um, I understood very little of what u just wrote. “Flash it with GRBL” what does that mean please?
Arduino? How would one do that?
Does any of this require me pulling my machine apart?

It means hooking it up to the computer and using a program to send new control software into the brains of your laser.

This is not in any way intended to offend, but I think you just confirmed “your comfort level with that kind of thing”. :slight_smile:

Anthony is correct - there is software (usually called firmware) running on the board that drives the MakeBlock machine. I think MakeBlock themselves provide a means to change it, depending on what computer software you want to use to talk to it. In this case, you’d need to change that firmware to something that LightBurn knows how to talk to. I don’t know enough about their hardware to be able to walk you through it, but if they have a support forum, there’s likely someone there who could.

Had a giggle at the ‘level of comfort’ comment. Cause yep, you are right. But I might as Hubby if he can do this, he works with computer stuff & is always surprised at how I am able to work with a new program with ease but completely suck at anything else. He had to explain firmware to me. Yes, i am that bad.
Thanks for the help. Will chat to Hubby & see if he can work it out for me.

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