Making a Grid Pattern

Hey Guys,

I have previous experience with waterjets and i used OMAX they had their own program. I could have easily made the 1 cm grid by creating a say a 40 cm square and then offsetting every 1 cm. that would give me a true size. Also when i started it would pick a point on dots on program. i tried creating in a 40 cm square on the Lightburn Program and i cannot seem to be able to pick from the square point in program every time I try creating a square with Shift or with Control keys it s never at the points so i will be never able to get the true size grid square made. My water jet program crapped out so i cannot make a dxf file to port over…

I have Ortur Master 2 Pro which i assembled on Wednesday. Now every time I disconnect the USB cable or even by itself the machine isnt detected on the com port. I get like 6-7 ports in drop but machine shows disconnected. i have to change port and then restart both machine and program kinda major pain in back.

You would really benefit from getting familiar with LightBurn as the struggles you’re describing are due to unfamiliarity.

Suggest you start with:
Beginner Walkthrough - LightBurn Software Documentation
Tutorials – LightBurn Software

I’m not sure what you’ve done but this is not normal. Check Device Manager for Ports. Make sure you’re not getting duplicate port entries. Remove as necessary.

Also, to reconnect LightBurn just right-click on the Devices button.

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