Making Adjust Image faster

Hi, are there any tips and tricks to making. “Adjust Image” faster? Every time I try to adjust the image at 363 DPI for brightness, contrast, etc… It takes about half a minute for the bar to even move, and some more time for the preview image to render. It aIso tends to freeze Lightburn as i move the bar. It’s the only way I can see how a preview actually looks as the image on the main work floor is not accurately rendered like the preview. It would be great to have the ability to enter a number such as the image settings menu instead, but with the preview working accurately. I don’t think it’s my computers processing power as I can run several image editing programs, chrome, and 3d modeling programs at once, and i tried running LightBurn only.

Thank you for this suggestion. We have heard this from others, and are making some UI changes that will allow numerical data entry, in addition to the slider approach, which should help. :slight_smile: