Making noises while bed and laser moves

Thank you everyone that has helped me. I have a new issue. So the first picture shows the size of my bed, 2nd picture shows what I am working on, 1st video is attempting to frame the job but it like stalls out and makes a loud noise. This didnt happen yesterday when i did the print. My controls are also backwards again in regards to moving the bed up and down. I had that issue yesterday but thought I fixed it. Now it is doing it again but not fixing. Anyways the 2nd video is going from where I stopped during the frame going back to origin. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you take pictures, capture the whole screen - there are settings on the main display that affect positioning of the job, and if we can see those it’s easier to help you.

Ok will do now. I apologize. I was trying to post a video but I dont have the tight format I guess

You can’t post video directly to the forum - You would need to upload to YouTube, DropBox, Google Drive, or another sharing service, and post a link to it.

Aaah ok. Let me get the links

@LightBurn first link is from origin to frame, 2nd video is from where I stopped in frame to origin. 3rd video I changed the inches to mm and it moved further up but stalled again, I’m not entirely sure why that made a small difference. But it’s odd.

We would like to see what your are trying to share but you need to make it public so we can. :wink:

Ok link sharing is on now

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