Making room, until I got screwed

All this empty space on the wall, just asking for a purpose in life.

I originally wanted it about 5" lower, but there is a 1/2 door into the crawlspace that would have put the bottom of the shelf right at bash the forehead level.

This will ultimately be both vertical and flat storage.

Heading to the finish line and what started as plenty of screws from a 100pk came up a little bit short.

Yes, the double-space on the right is intentional to let the 3mm birch stay flat. There is also a cutout in the back corner to use up some dead space and give some storage for tall items.

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Very useful. Is your laser going underneath your shelving unit? Is your water :sweat_drops: heater has or electric?
Careful with fumes from solvent welds and acrylic and the water heater pilot light.



The laser goes almost in the corner, and it will be under the shelves.

The water heater and furnace are gas, but they are also both piezo start, so no flames unless they are actually running. Also, plenty of ventilation, but will be making that better as well.

The piezo start ignites the flames :fire: then you have a constant flame when the water is being heated. Good that you will have ventilation.


Back in business.

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Very nice! Hopefully you don’t need to access that small door :door: often.

Looks great!


Hopefully you don’t need to access that small door :door: often.

One of the weird things about this house is that there is the normal/expected trap door in a closet to get to the crawlspace, as well as this door in the garage.

The laser rolls quite easily if I need access, though. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t leave well enough alone. You can never have too much storage, after all. :slight_smile:

I still kept the crawlspace door clear, too…