Manipulating design help required

Can someone please help me before I loose the plot, a simple task that I would usually have done in minutes in Corel isn’t easy in Lightburn.
I need to join the two ends of the shape so it a continuous shape. So where the red lines are move the ends to meet and become one and delete and existing lines. I tried using the edit node but ended up in a worse mess.
You clever people are now going to show me how simple this is :grin:

Could you connect the red lines into a little box and just use the Boolean or weld tools to fuse them into a single shape?

The red line are an example of what I want to join. I actually want then to curve under the tip of the V so the two ends link as a flowing curve.
I tried using a box with all Boolean options, I tried welding the lines you see in the picture and they disappear when Boolean is selected.
If I use the edit nodes option I can’t control the nodes, they jump all over the place and not where I want them.
lines to curve so I can link the two

The lines are jumping all over the place because of grid snap - If you’re working zoomed in that much you can either set the grid snap to zero, or just hold the Ctrl key when placing lines to disable it temporarily.

This is a good video to watch to better understand ‘Node Editing’:

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Snap to Zero worked to manipulate the lines :grin: didn’t realise the zoom altered the function, still it’s a good one to know for future reference.
How do I delete or disconnect the lines I don’t want? or should I make that a new topic?

Hover over a point or line and hit the ‘D’ key to delete that object as described in the video I posted above.

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Thank you to all for your help fell like I’m getting somewhere now :slight_smile:

You are welcome. There are some good materials to help you get the most out of LightBurn. I link to these resources for your reference:

Getting Started -

Documentation -

LightBurn YouTube Channel -

More Video Tutorials - (produced by member Carl :wink: )

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Zoom doesn’t alter it - that’s actually the issue. When you’re zoomed in really tight, a 1mm snap can be a lot of screen space.


The keys used in node editing are all listed here:

You say what you are trying to do would be easy in Corel so I have a dumb question… Why not do it in Corel and import the SVG to Lightburn to run the job on the laser?

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I did try many options to import to Lightburn however when I ran the file through the laser the quality wasn’t as crisp looking as I’d like so thought I’d try and recreate it in Lightburn. My efforts have payed off, plus it’s helping me learn Lightburn so I can do more with this software.

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You shouldn’t lose any quality using svg - it’s a vector. It says ‘draw a line from here to here’.

If you have a noticeable difference with a file out of Corel, there’s something fishy afoot.