Manual start point bug?

Hi team,

Screenshot of the geometry below. I added a node to the midpoint on these shapes, and then set it as the manual start point for the cut. It seems to indicate the start is perpendicular to the line work, instead of parallel. Changing the direction of the start point sets it to parallel to the line, but changing it back again goes back to the original perpendicular indication. The cut preview shows the correct cutting behaviour. All geometry is ‘closed’. LB 1.1.03, Win 10 x64, original geometry source was an imported DXF.

Hey Scott, I’m running a similar setup to you but I can’t seem to replicate the issue. Might I be able to grab your project file and see if it will do the same for me?

Hi Billie,

Unfortunately, the design is from a client so we can’t share the file on the forum (even though it’s just some holes and slots!).

I can’t replicate it by creating the shape using LB’s drawing tools, but if I reimport the DXF it happens every time.

Creating a similar shape in our CAD package, exporting as a DXF, and then importing to LB also doesn’t trigger this issue, so I assume it’s some kind of weirdness in the DXF. I’m not sure what our client uses to generate their design files.

If the developers feel it’s worth looking at, I can send through the original file to support@


Sending it to support sounds like a good plan!

Maybe with your support data too?
Help>Generate Support Data
That gives them info like your computer set up/laser etc.
I’m sure it would help them to know what software it was made in too, if you are able to find that out.

I’m glad at least it looks as like it will cut correctly though! :dragon:

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