Manually Adding Laser

I have a 50W OM Tech laser and a full copy of Lightburn software. When I try to add the laser, the software can’t detect it. Having read the Lightburn help pages it says to add the laser manually, selecting Ruida as the controller from the dropdown menu - my dropdown menu doesn’t have Ruida it goes from Marlin to Smoothieware with no sign of Ruida. I have installed the latest software edition and am running it on my Mac. I have had no problems with my GBRL laser. What am I missing? Any thanks

Hi Gus,

It sounds like you have a GCode-only license. You’ll need to add DSP support to it in order to see the Ruida option and connect to your 50W OM Tech laser.

Many thanks for your help - I had forgotten all about the different types of license. I bought a diode laser to start with and have recently upgraded to a CO2 laser. I guess I’ll have to smile sweetly and pay for the additional license. Thank you again for your help.

For some odd reason when the size of the ‘toy’ increases, so do the dollars… :thinking:


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