Mark on edge where cutting starts (and finishes)

I find that I get a mark on the edge where the laser cutter starts cutting. The surface of that “mark” is also slightly raised. Someone told me that you can alter the angle of approach of the laser cutter to avoid getting that mark. I can’t figure it out. Is this possible?

Please provide a picture to illustrate what output you are seeing. Can you also show a screenshot (no cell phone pics please) of the entire LightBurn window with the cuts tab open please? It would also be helpful to know what machine you have, and what controller and firmware it is running.

You’re likely talking about a lead-in (or lead-out) cut, where the cut starts off the actual shape, then moves onto it, does the cut, then goes back off again to finish. LightBurn doesn’t have this feature yet.

Oh yes. That sounds familiar. Is this feature coming soon?

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