Mark Point Visual Cutting

Is there any consideration to support mark point visual cutting? The Ruida 6445 controllers support this (according to Ruida’s documentation)

Well, i guess it doesn’t




I bet it works if it’s paired up with their CCD camera system SV300



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Can you be a bit more specific as to what you are asking here? LightBurn provides a ‘Print & Cut’ feature that allows you to do a similar task. Would this work for what you are wanting?

LightBurn does not currently provide Head-mounted camera support as of yet, but it is on our list to investigate.

I was intrigued by what appeared to be an automated index recognition function. I haven’t explored the cost of the add on head mounted camera (and I also think the head mounted camera is a bad idea as it is adding mass where we want light as possible).

After looking at this again today, i feel like the camera support already offered in LightBurn is actually a better route for me. A well calibrated camera opens up so much. And this coming from the guy who two months ago didn’t even understand what the attraction was about a camera. Man, let me tell you… I totally get it now.

LightBurn does do registration alignment, but the markers are lined up manually. We do plan to have a head-mounted camera feature, but I can’t say much more than that yet until we’ve gotten to the point where it’s proven out. It won’t be automatic at first either, but hoping to do that as a future feature.

Someone else did a camera video that’s considerably more succinct than ours:

I really need to redo ours (among other things) but that’s a great watch if you aren’t sure what all the fuss is about.

What features would a head mounted camera allow?

I found the following explanations on a manufacturer that promoted CCD head mounted cameras web site:

Accurately identifies the outline of the pattern, which enables fast and accurate cutting of the woven label and clothing label. It can also be used with the Mark point positioning system to accurately cut oversized patterns.

camera recognition speed is fast with high precision

Marked point positioning, template recognition, and pre marked feature point scanning .

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Simpler calibration (hopefully), fewer worries about mount stability affecting the accuracy, use it with the lid open or closed, lower data rate fro the camera so easier to use with longer cables, visual tagging of markers becomes simpler, consistent resolution regardless of the size of your machine, etc, etc…

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That sounds very nice, would a new camera be necessary or do you think it would it be possible to re-purpose the lid mounted camera?

I am thinking a camera with a much shorter focus and narrow field of view would be required.

The camera would be a lower resolution endoscopic cam, like this one:

that would be excellent, those cameras are super cheap.

It also looks a heck of a lot lighter then the Ruida SV 300
Mounting the endoscopic camera should be a heck of a lot easier as well



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